Daily Activities

Circle Time

Circle time kids playing with balloons

Gather round and see what's happening at Bellaboo's today! Circle time is a fun opportunity to help your child interact with other kids and Bellaboo's fun program leaders! Games, crafts, songs, or creative movements... you never know what each day's Circle Time might hold! 

Daily at 11. Meet in Center of Cafe. Time & meeting location subject to change.

Children's Cooking

Children making snacks

Play with your food! Kids are invited to get hand's on and make their own snack-craft at children's cooking. The best part? When you're done, you get to eat your masterpiece! 

Daily at 12 and 2:30. Weekends at 4:30.
Gather by Children's Cooking Kitchen. Times subject to change without notice.

Get your creative wheels turning with our 1:30 Creative Discovery Class! Meet up with one of our fun conductors for a unique class all related to Bellaboo's weekly theme! When kids play... they learn! 

Daily at 1:30. Meet in Center of Cafe. Time and meeting location subject to change.

Creative Discovery Class

Girls making craft

Did you know reading aloud to children promotes motivation, curiosity, and memory? At Bellaboo's we take storytime seriously... and make it seriously fun! 

Daily at 3:30. Meet at Performance Room. Time and meeting location subject to change.

Story Time

Group reading