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  1. 2019 Preschool Fair & Toddler Expo Vendor Sign Up

    Operate a local preschool or kid-friendly establishment and are interested in sharing your information with NWI parents? This year's... More…

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    Be the first to know about events, special offers including web-only offers, classes and other exciting things that are happening at... More…

  1. Bellaboo's Birthday Party Request Form
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  1. Donation Request Form

    Please fill out if you would like to receive a donation from Lake County Parks. This includes passes to Bellaboo's, Deep River... More…

Human Resources

  1. Job Application

    Application for part-time and seasonal employment with the Lake County Parks Department.


  1. Parks 2 You Request

    Our trips are best experienced hands on. We believe allowing kids to touch history, and explore nature outside the classroom creates a... More…